Professional affiliate

Age: 28-38 years
Gender: Male
Education: University/Master



Responsibilities: I’m an individual (not company), the sole owner of the channels where I promotes products, physical and sometimes digital, using affiliate marketing. I do myself most of the research and technical setup for my channels (websites, blogs, plugins, Facebook, AdWords, SEO, etc).

Goals: Increase revenue from what I currently earn (I usually don’t want to make this information public, but it’s about 1000 lei – 4000 lei / month) by increasing conversion, improving channels, finding new niches. I’m constantly searching new opportunities and I do my own analysis about their efficiency.

Challenges: I have problems communicating with advertisers and receiving support from the current affiliate platforms I’m using. I struggle with cashflow because of delays in paying the commissions from the current affiliate platform/advertisers. I’m unhappy with the support on the operations side of the affiliate programs. Because of this, I’m considering to do affiliate marketing only on platforms outside Romania. Personally, I’m not 100% confident on my IT skills and sometimes I need external help.

Needs: I need a platform/niche/advertiser in which I trust. I need to increase my conversion rate, in order to achieve a good cashflow which will allow me to concentrate 100% of affiliate marketing. I need to be more confident on my IT skills by taking courses or receiving support regarding technical issues.

Products I use: WordPress, Facebook, AdWords,,, Linkshare, Sharesale.

What I read:

  • Affiliation related materials: specialized Facebook groups,, specialized blogs, Reddit, Youtube, ,,,,
  • Blogs: colleagues that also do affiliation, generalistic blogs,
  • Others: sites about business, digital marketing, social media, influencers,

Influencers in Romania: I don’t thinks there’s one person (or I don’t know it), but it could be Octavian Jomir, Dragos Bunea (both affiliates) or Dorin Boerescu (CEO

New info sources: Social networks, other colleagues that do affiliate marketing, Google, affiliate marketing websites outside Romania, own analysis.

My channels where I do affiliation: Blog, Facebook, AdWords, SEO, email marketing, Youtube, newsletters.



The profile was obtained by merging together the results of an online survey which was spread in specialized social media groups and also send directly to targeted Romanian affiliates. Also, the survey was done personally on some targeted affiliated. This allowed the survey, which doesn’t have a lot of respondents, to be statistically reliable for it’s purpose.

Number of respondents: 40

Buyer Persona : Romanian Professional Affiliate

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